How to find Chinese culture information

Blogging is a good method to document your time and energy in China and/or your China study, plus its a powerful way to connect with other folks to share tips and experience. Have you been thinking about jumping to the Chinese-learning blogosphere? Or else you want to create about Chinese culture? Think about just modern cultural issues in China today? Do you consider that you’ve something unique or interesting to add to the conversation? Prior to deciding to register that new website name, here are a few things to consider.

chinese culture   
Knowing who your audience is will help you focus your website. That do you want to interact with? Family and friends thinking about your adventures? Fellow expats who’re living in China or contemplating moving to Taiwan? Perhaps instead those people who are studying Mandarin from all over the world? Those who do not know anything about China or Chinese?


china culture

In case you are unsure, you could be best keeping a journal for now. As you’re writing posts just for yourself you can observe if you can to keep up the writing habit and you might also find yourself having a blog-ready voice and purpose later on.

If you are living in mainland China, choose your blogging service carefully. Keep in mind that some of the most popular blogging sites are frequently inaccessible or blocked. For instance, two popular platforms, and might not always be simple for you to make use of and individuals to access. If with such types of services is very important to you personally then you can have to rethink your plans for any China blog. Otherwise, you can always explore setting up your personal hosting, but understand that this can be a financial and time investment.

Your mom, your employer, as well as your significant other all consider the internet. If you publish something you do not want these to see, Rule #1 with the internet is they will ultimately view it. Don’t be stupid or post things when you�re angry or upset. I additionally recommend cultivating some cultural sensitivity – there’s no lack of laowai bloggers (foreigners) that do nothing but bemoan minor inconveniences inside their host country and also you don’t add to that list. Model yourself instead around the Chinese blogs that provide a thoughtful perspective on China or Chinese. Write something that you will be happy with although they aren’t your market, you would not mind if your family think it is.

Blogging is an extremely egalitarian enterprise – you will get started for free or otherwise for cheap, there may not be any harm in giving it a whirl, as long as you don’t say what you might have cause to regret. However, thinking carefully about starting a China or Chinese blog may save you some wasted time in the future. Then again, that very same consideration could put you in a fantastic position to begin with sharing your experience with the planet. If you decide to do it, happy blogging!